$CTRM I’m getting a bunch of private messages asking why a squeeze hasn’t happened yet. I DIDN’T invest for a squeeze! Even though the deadline passes to cover their short position it doesn’t trigger the squeeze. These large hedgies are backed by money center banks. So, it just triggers a higher interest rate on a larger borrowed balance (which the bank loves). The bad guys will not cover while they are still under water. It’s why you see them breaking the law and trading the stock lower between sister accounts. They MUST do what they are doing now to keep the spread between their short strike price and their borrowed limit price. Once we break their borrowed limit price the squeeze will happen. The margin call is what triggers the squeeze. Based on what I’ve seen, the majority of the bad guys have a margin call triggered around $1.00. Yes, them artificially keeping the price down to keep the company from compliance is part of it but it’s mostly to prevent the margin call.