$IBIO who here wants to get filthy stinking rich in the stock market? I gonna tell you how. For free. Right now. Spend 100 hours a week researching companies. Work late nights and early mornings 6 to 7 days a week looking for the right stock. The one that has everything going for it. Maybe finding 1 or 2 a week. Then check sentiment. Check debt. Learn how to read filings and court documents. Learn how to find them. Learn the terms. Then when everything seems perfect its still a gamble. Place your bet. And then wait. And wait. And wait. And keep reading and researching and finding and following rabbits down holes. While you wait. Getting rich in the market is not an easy job. Its not dumb luck. Its week after week of exhausting mind numbing work. But its worth it. Every time you find a runner. When you win on 97% of your trades. Some times small sometimes huge. But its never just luck.
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