@DanielJD3 @CodyMills I am expecting a gap up followed by a decline. It shot past the .02 bollinger bands. Rsi 84 usual means sell buy can go higher. If they announce any kind of sales that would be a game changer. Then charts are meaningless. Market makers will try and put a top on it and walk it down once volume falls off. You have a lot of stock below .02 but in good hands as we have been in this for a while trading it. Support is .022 don’t think we go there but if we do you will see buyers. M makers where caught off guard on this one had been shorted down from .018 to .12 about 200 million shares they shorted another 170 million Friday. At some point they will win. They have more money. Now short they they will want to bring it down. Only god knows where this goes. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.