$AMC I owned shares sold at 68 but just helping those being duped into this fantasy of 100k 200k 300k 500k bro so sic look at the naked short dude bro. We will get them make them pay blah blah blah it's not real. Hedges go to jail you get nothing. This isn't wolf of Wallstreet or the big short. You are lower class citizens and they will keep it that way. Only way to because rich is by earning it and joining their club through your own means. You cannot steal their money and then just join the fantasy club. Just doent work that way. Honestly they would just kill us all off before that happens. I'm dead serious. They stop at no laws or boundaries. We are meaningless to the powerful rich. They use and abuse us and one stock no matter what happens will never change it. Takes stock away completely they will manipulate you somewhere else. Taxes, Food gas etc etc etc.