@Lee_W @GamePlayGuru @krisw @Kalight15 @JTA69 @LuckyLloydChristmas @SpaceTfrs @HenryTheGuru @automaniac @dsp0301 Roge! Amazing wasn’t it! They used to fly over our house from Woodford Cheshire, lots of stories from Rowly and my Mum! My Mum’s Dad was commissioned in the RAF based at RAF Halton and Biggin Hill during the war. They lived through the Blitz, lived in Holborn, horrendous as you can imagine! My Mum’s Dad was friends with Roy Chadwick and my Mum went to school with his daughter. He got killed at Woodford and is buried at the Church yard near the runway, plane failed to take off (maintenance crossed cables) he survived the crash but the cockpit ended up in a pond and he was trapped and died. Designer of the Lancaster, Vulcan etc. .... Incoming 11 o’clock!! over!