$CVM Don't forget.. Multikine can not just only be possibly used to treat other cancers... But also be used to treat, hpv, hiv, anal warts, cervical dysplasia, etc according to their website... **If I am not mistaken there was already a phase 1 trial conducted by the university of Maryland that showed promising results for HIV infected women correct??? Is this still an active trial? Because it is still on the site looking to start phase 2... Looks to me they are awaiting the phase 3 H&N cancer results to push forward with the Multikine in HIV/HPV trial.. On the companies site it says the First main focus is Phase 3 head and neck cancer.. Which is why I believe they are waiting to continue with the HIV/HPV trial until after they get Data.. Am I wrong??? Someone correct me if I am wrong.. From the companies site that's what it suggests to me.. IF this is so then this is possibly bigger than any of us can think of 🤯... That buy out price could be hUge.
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