$CTXS I don't post here, but just wanted to say that in case you're wondering, this stock is a DEFINITIVE BUY right now. You're welcome. God bless you and have a great day!
@Ricky_makes_moves at the core it sounds like we differ on long term prospects. Wouldn't touch it, especially before earnings (check the charts pre and post earnings this year). I worked in, and do analysis in, the tech industry. These past 2 years created worldwide spike in remote work, which created an intensely competitive IT solution space. A space Citrix was one of the leaders in for years with their virtualization product. What's now apparent is that virtualization, Citrix's breadwinner, is increasingly and unequivocally becoming obsolete. So a question for you... with businesses moving entirely away from virtual environments, which solutions can Citrix rely on to fill that enormous revenue gap?