$SPY Didn’t the last time we get inflation they trapped bulls into a big rally after the report only for it to fall for 3 days straight the next week? Would be so crazy if bulls fell for it again with inflation highest it’s been since 2008 cheering on bad news lol this is definitely time to remember in history. “Anyone remember back in 2021 when new traders were cheering on bad news and hoping for inflation” 😂
@RicoElite The numbers don't matter now because the fed insists its transitory, it will really only tank hard if we continue to get hot inflation numbers into next year and the fed is forced to back peddle.
@swingtrader75 it already caused spy to drop from 423 to 402 explain to me how the number going higher and higher will cause the indices to go up with them? People have WAY too much trust in the fed - they said nothing would happen back in 2008 but you tell me what happened and people were just as trustworthy in the fed then as they are now lol too each it’s own
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