@TomHagenIV @LadyAmalthea123 this is my issue with people saying “just hold” these are actual adults with thousands to millions in savings. You can’t advise a the new investors to hold for 30 years while their investment is decreasing. This advice “during QE and low interest rates” is bad advice in my opinion especially while the Fed and analysts are lying their asses off with this strong economy bs. I’d wait till market gets back to a real market that’s not held up by the Fed to invest. No one speaks about the long periods of zero returns they just say “hold” I’m not advising anyone to do that. Trade your money run up your gains and invest when it’s safe. IWM and small caps in a bear market this year already when the market corrects what happens to them???? There’s just too much going on in my opinion but as always I hope everyone makes money with whatever strategy they use.
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