@captain_trips Ultimately, if you're long, what matters is how much valuable material is in the ground, and how good are they at getting it. Unless we're experts in mining & geology, we don't really know. Same goes for all early projects. 2 years ago, I probably would say about Lake what I say about Argosy. I would love to get in at this very cheap price. But there are many that are very early, and I do have a few of these. Aside from Lake, I would put some in to $ABML. We 100% know that recycling battery metals will be CRUCIAL. And we know that ABML can do this efficiently, and is scalable. And it's being dissed my the market, so the price is super cheap. Their pilot plant is being built, and early production will start in a few months.
@4lawnTirm @captain_trips Suggest you consider what land position Argosy has at Rincon regarding a wellfield footprint and exposure to the aquifer. Rio Tinto bought the Rincon Mining project. There are not going to be any competitors in this salar.