$OCEL Some countries are opening up to tourism, once more start in the coming months, especially by spring if that is the case. People may not care too much about ZOFIN's affect on long haulers. If they announce results Jan or Feb, the stock definitely will not get the effect it would have had if they had announced results for the latest trials in Aug of this year. Not sure why they did this. I'm sure a Big Pharma company would have partnered with them to help it along. They probably would have raked them over the coals, but at least they would be out there building their name, earning profits and moving forward to other discoveries. Heck in a few years I'm sure Mari and her husband would have been worth a few Billion and they could have sold their shares back and go on to start a new company not needing funding from Big Pharma. They could buy up other smaller companies with promising break throughs. Sometimes you have to take a L in the beginning to do bigger things in the future.