$VTIQ show me your position of 500 shares at $14 and I’ll never say a word in this board. Cmon bulls, beg him to do it
$VTIQ “I oFfEr YoU NoThInG vAluAbLe....I dOnT dO rEsEaRcH! Take a hike you fat lard, already roasted one of your buddies thank me for my service by calling how useless of a American Citizen you are and by contributing nothing but useless, trash, and what fat lards do all day and complain info all day long 24/7. Do me a favor and spend your hard earned tax dollars please, trust me my military paychecks are thanking you for eating at McDonald’s every weekend while I hold this bad boy at $14 a share at 500 lmao!
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@RigoGekko69 @Grungy imagine disrespecting a service member on Memorial Day weekend🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Please don’t show this bear your position, I’m concerned he will go into diabetic shock when he sees what real gains look like