$BTC.X I think all the cryptos became popular with the onset of Covid. The corresponding timelines are irrefutable. Doesn’t matter that BTC began in 2012 and had a significant run in 2017. The entire crypto space got a huge boost because people stopped working and stayed home, often getting paid or receiving extra unemployment plus augmented subsidies of economic stimulus. People had excess money and not much to do with their time so the markets had increased public focus. Add to that under Trump $ 7.8 tril printed -a 50% increase in national debt BURDEN. Outrageous. Inflation is always a delayed response to $ dilution. So now no more free money by SOCIALIST TRUMP because people don’t realize that is exactly what Trump did. Subsidize the public. = Socialism. So many hypocrites enjoying pure socialism. now they need cash. First to go, risky crypto from The Covid induced fake science jive. Now is the time for The Reckoning. Crypto is a double talk scam. Oh you see blah..total BS.