Engelki5 You are going everywhere with this. Conflating and make arguments for things that non of us have even mentioned. You seem to be the kind of person that just likes to argue and you seem to believe that you are always correct and everyone else is wrong. Later enough of this for me. I will get back to trading what I enjoy. GLTA
@HTuttle @Rmar50 "Congress shall make no law..." The 1st Amendment doesn't protect your right to say whatever you want without societal consequence. I have no duty to listen to another person's BS. I have no duty, as a business owner, to allow you into my store to scream about socialism. The 1st Amendment simply says the government cannot prevent you from speaking....even still...this is not an absolute right. The government can restrict volume in residential areas. You can't incite panic or rebellion. There's the "you know it when you see it" restriction on pornographic material. You folks need to understand speech isn't an absolute right. There are consequences for vile forms of expression.
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