$MSFT is buying Affirmed Networks, a cloud platform provider for 5G, for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft announced the deal on its website Thursday. It didn't release the deal's terms. Affirmed raised a total of $155M before this acquisition, and the company’s more than 100 enterprise customers include the likes of AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, Telus, Turkcell and STC. The deal will allow Microsoft to take advantage of the rollout and maintenance of 5G networks via the cloud, specifically its Azure cloud-based offering, rather than just hardware and software, according to Microsoft. "This acquisition will allow us to evolve our work with the telecommunications industry, building on our secure and trusted cloud platform for operators," Microsoft said on its website. In a somewhat odd move, only yesterday Affirmed announced a new CEO and president, Anand Krishnamurthy.
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