$SPOT testing real-time lyrics synced to music in 26 worldwide markets across Southeast Asia, India and Latin America. This will be the first time lyrics have been offered in 22 of these 26 markets, as only Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico had some form of lyrics support in the past via other providers. Users in Canada had access to real-time lyrics as a beta test, however, Canadian users in this test will no longer have the lyrics feature when it officially launches on June 30th. The feature will offer real-time lyrics in the language in which the songs are sung. Users will access the feature by tapping “Lyrics” at the bottom of the “Now Playing” screen. Since 2016, Genius has provided Spotify with backstory and commentary along with partial lyrics to power the Behind the Lyrics feature, but didn’t offer full lyrics. In 2018, $AAPL teamed up with Genius to provide full lyrics to Apple Music listeners. Apple Music also then became the exclusive web player for Genius.
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