Fair enough...but why is the market spooked, then?
@Dr_Stoxx @maruishirx4 @Frankiemoney1 @dpuro @TheJohnDis @Stocktwits Please refrain from spreading misinformation regarding the effectiveness of vaccines (mRNA) - there is no peer reviewed evidence to suggest you conclusion. In Canada, where 78.63% of the 12+ population has received at least 1 dose show a strong correlation with the decline in infection, hospitalization & mortality rates as quarantine mandates get lifted with vaccination rates. publichealthontario.ca/-/me... Data from the Public Health Agency of Canada found that of the almost 9.9M vaccinated only 0.16% (15,592 individuals including both symptomatic & asymptomatic cases) became infected when they were partially vaccinated & only 0.02% (1,635 individuals) became infected when they were fully vaccinated. The majority (51.7%) of post-vaccination cases were not yet protected from vaccination (symptom onset date was w/ <14 days following dose 1). Vaccines do have a protective effect from infection, hospitalization & death.
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@Dr_Stoxx Multi-factor - fundamentals: peak earnings, valuations, inflation - Technical: seasonality, overbought (last week), gamma flip on Friday, poor breadth, lower rates - Covid cases rise - too many unvaccinated & partially unvaccinated - supply & distribution of mRNA vaccines is ongoing issue. @jonnyboybull Vaccines are not 100% (no vaccine is) - I have never suggested as much however, they will reduce the severity of the infection but you can still get infected. Therefore, I recommend those w/ comorbidities & fully vaccinated to also wear an N95 mask in indoor environments. There are still too many unvaccinated asymptomatic spreaders. Full doses infections are possible if they do not observe the 14 day rule - full antibody level. In Canada, only 4.6% of cases post-vaccination occurred 14 or more days after dose 2. Sorry I do not have data on UK & the types of vaccines used. In Canada, over 70% have received at least 1 dose of mRNA.