$LUV cancellation had nothing to do w/ vaccination mandate - vaccination deadline is Dec 8, 2021. Southwest let go too many during the height of the pandemic & were very slow to hire back which creating the mismanagement in scheduling. Southwest Airlines is a federal contractor & have no viable choice but to comply with the US govt mandate for Employees to be vaccinated. Pilots unions at American & Southwest have strongly opposed vaccine mandates, saying aviators are concerned about side effects from vaccines. All medicines can cause side effects, including prescription, OTC & complementary medicines. Covid vaccine does not impair cognitive abilities. $UAL has a 97% vaccination rate, 85% at $DAL & 71% at $AAL In US, 44.3M covid cases, 3.1M hospitalizations, 714K deaths. UW study: 33% of non-hospitalized covid cases complain months later of symptoms like fatigue, loss of smell or taste & "brain fog" VAERS: <2K side effects (TTS, GBS, & Myocarditis) reported