$DOGE.X Wonder if the crashing of all cryptos has to do with Janet Yellens attempt to void the idea of a decentralized currency (the whole idea behind crypto). And instead make a government controlled.. central bank controlled.. digital currency. That would be bad. But apparently people “voted” for a this. bloomberg.com/news/articles...
@Roaddancer53 i think it’s slight of hand. Tell the commoners one thing while the 1% and institutions do the exact opposite. Buying them time to get ahead of the curve. They know what’s coming and need to transition slowly as not to alert the masses. Once they have what they want the narrative will change. They want the people to be stuck poorer bag holders while they widen the gap farther.
@Ditchg I agree. It’s total market manipulation. It’s totally corrupt Look at this 👇🏼spooking everyone out while they scoop it up themselves.