@NormalGuy222 @hokieal @Thesmalltrader they sold ships they planned to sell which represented 3% of their income and gave them enough capital to lower share dilution as well as give them enough capital to borrow without collateral at lower interest rates to continue building their company and buying new ships with more rollercoasters while they're shut down. Do you realize this shutdown is a blessing for them? They proceeded with their sale plans, upgraded all their ships as well as bought new and it didn't even affect their actual income because they got government money in place of services. They are now ahead of the game and don't have to shut down slowly in the future to upgrade ships and have more capital than before the pandemic started by 7 times (from 1.5B to over 8B cash in bank) and they only increased their debt from 10.3B to 11.5B. this was a blessing for them and only people who have no clue about operating a business think otherwise. $CCL
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