$CCL sailing in a couple weeks confirmed. Enough cash on hand to last over a year with only 50% debt and 35% dilution while the closest competition has cash to only last 4 months before an offering, has 85% debt and 45% dilution. Historically during recessions ccl has diluted 30-40% and recovered higher than before any recession. Ccl has increased their total fleet revenue size by 4% for 2021 even after selling several older outdated ships. 2021 and 2022 are the most bookings ever received with 2023 looking like it's going to beat 2021. 6 month cruise sold out in 1 day. Price going up premature? No it's very late and overdue. $SAVE $AAL $NCLH $RCL Go ahead and sell your shares, just like I rode from 13 to current I will again ride from current to 35+ and feel sorry for those who didn't have patience or control.