$SINT Quote last earnings: "SINTX has experienced growth of customer interest in antipathogenic silicon nitride applications. The Company is in active product development discussions with automotive, IT device, face mask, and air filter manufacturers. SINTX’s partnership with O2TODAY to develop a “catch-and-kill” mask that will inactivate respiratory viruses and bacteria continues to progress and is in the manufacturing process development stage. SINTX continues to prioritize the product development of antipathogenic applications through workforce expansion, acquisition of prototype manufacturing and supporting laboratory equipment, and the development of test protocols to assess the antipathogenic properties of new products." - huge catalysts coming up - they've been well during the pandemic Looking at the chart: above VWAP, upper part of Bollinger band, huge potential based on the past (trading around 100$ 3 years ago) Float: 25MM Short interest: 0.85% MCAP: 47 MM
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