$IDEX Up late trying to see what revenue will look like for Q2. It’s hard to estimate based on the vagueness of some of the PRs regarding orders. They don’t get paid until the vehicles are delivered. For example the 4.4m order from Tianjin Zhongcheng. It says, “delivery of the vehicles to Tianjin Zhongcheng is expected to commence later this month”. There was never confirmation on whether or not the vehicles were delivered. So, using numbers from confirmed deliveries, it looks like 600k+ for MEG revenue in Q2. Adding the numbers from unconfirmed deliveries to this (such as MEG June sales, and various orders that were to have started delivery in June) it looks like $2m. It’s looking like a minimum of 600k, a $222k/45.3% increase from Q1 earnings Remember, I’m no financial expert and this is probably a very rough estimate. I just thought I’d share.
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@Rody0609 This is incorrect due to the fact ideanomics does not get paid until the vehicles are delivered. Not a single bus has been confirmed for delivery and probably won’t be for another few months.
@christianaquila02 I based my theory off the article that was posted july 2019 stating they made commission on orders introduced. It does not mention based on delivery but that very well could be a factor.