$MVIS Story time! In 2008 a young engineer interned at Microvision for a few months... and went to Turkey to study at one of the most advanced schools for technological research (Koc University), under a professor who used to work at Microvision for years and even managed to get his name on two patents assigned to Microvision! He then went back to the University of Washington to study more about mems... and landed a job at Microsoft... as the Lead designer of advanced electro-mechanical components in the cross-disciplinary team of Hololens display for the past 3 years. At Microsoft he was working under an ex-Microvision engineers who are now the senior engineering roles (one being the director of engineering in the Hololens division), and continues to publish patents advancing this beautiful technology to this day.. and yet they still needed MVIS in the end. Anyways.. fun dots being connected tonight. I can't see MSFT letting someone else (even STM) gobble up MVIS. GLTALs
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