$SRNE @mwal1 You were spot on with your comments concerning MRNA, CODX, INO, NVAX. They all spiked and then dropped. People were screaming! Law firms suing. When you have share volumes of (507,617,290 -May 15th) (303,549,760 - 16th) 1(13,493,078 -17th) (97,646,375- 18th) (33,627,823- 21st) (48,302,767 today) Of course you are going to see people panicking if they are holding 30K shares at $7-8-9's. All the other stocks have identical patterns. On SRNE, we are in the beginning of a pattern. I only wish I had held longer on all of them! What is very important is charting. When these stocks hit certain price points the algo's kick in. It happens every day. I do not think we will go any lower than $4.36. But if we do, the volume will spike and it becomes a coiled spring. So it could go $4.36 to $6.06. Volatility creates the perfect storm. I'll bet the shorts starting covering today. On any given day, I've had as much as 30K shares. Will we see $10 again? My TP is $43.67
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