$PINS For all you Pinheads, just kidding, I actually love the website. When a stock is range bound something has to give. Back in March I told my room the stock would go under $10.00 and everyone laughed. I was close. Here is the 10 day 30 minute chart. It closed lower today than May 11th. And they are losing money. It's pattern is a decending triangle. Those people that bought 5 days ago are up over 20%. I would not buy until it hits one of those green lines. Especially the double green lines where some big orders were purchased. It might go down to $14. I would not buy here. Look at the 5 minute 30 day time frame. I saw a big block get dumped today at $18.40. But anything is possible. Eary April was the best time to buy Pins.
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