$SXTC $BNGO $JNUG $NGD What I am trying to understand right now is that the government tells us we must stay away from other people, stay home from our jobs and avoid gatherings. Yet the House and the Senate are gathering and are against doing remote votes. It's safe for them to congregate, but not others. Then we have the president and his clan that do their speeches standing side by side and that's somehow ok. The president should be the most protected person in the U.S. yet he is not "social distancing". Were the elite vaccinated for this? Or is this not as dangerous as they tell us it is? Something funny going on here and I am not laughing.
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@Rolltidetrader The only problem for Gold Bulls right now is that the Lizard People are not going to pay 1400 an ounce, they will buy it much cheaper along with their favorite stocks. The super wealthy elite are about to become a lot more wealthy while the rest of the world gets a lot poorer.
@Well2Do did you see his chain? They will be outbidding each other. Just wait to the China dragons wake up and start buying. gold will soar as they like to horde and don’t share with the ones running the west.

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