$SPY $ES_F $STUDY Scalped $MES_F and ES for 4 days, started with $120.11 and made $10,928.88 in net realized gains... ...In the spirit of the holidays, I took my best friends Amp futures account over without his knowledge, and traded every single dollar he had in there as aggressively as I could, for 4 days, from Tuesday the 9th to Friday the 12th. - Started scalping MES on 11/09/21 with $120 in an Amp account - Moved to ES on 11/10/21. Results at end of day, 11/12/21: Total Realized Profits, before commission & fees: $12,465 Net profit from $120, scalping for 4 days, after comm. & fees: $10,928.88 --------- He has yet to check his Amp account, that lazy fucker. I have a feeling I'll at least get a text, when he does, haha. It's a cool feeling being able to do little things like this for people, if you're able, and you haven't yet... give it a shot, Scrooge! Cheers