$INSG love today’s movement. Makes me feel alive! Just took some profit over the long weekend for coke and strippers. Since it is way above 10.6, I can finally afford the good stuffs. 11.2-11.3 is a horizontal resistance. Not gonna break fully on first day attempt and make it as support. Will absolutely love it for close. I think of this number as 7.2 back when it was bouncing off from 6.5. ~12.3 now is around 8 back then. Of course 8 was always the launch pad to 9.5-9.75 on multiple occasions. So will 12.3 be to 14-15 region for this push. Unclear what the dip will be on Tuesday, obviously not until I see PM action. But I am thinking anywhere from 10.2-10.75. Rounder out ✌🏼