$AAPL Daily still looking good imo. Last week broke out of the wedge on the daily after news. Watching for a break over that yellow trendline, which is the upper of the ascending triangle that has been on the weekly. If it can break over that upper ascending channel trendline, it can see a test of the 0.382 fib fan there in pink. Over the 0.382 fib fan we can get that 1.618 move at 169.00. May see some cool down possibly as well tho before we see the 1.618 move. I can see those 12/17 170 Calls being in the money pretty soon imo. Also, QQQ and SPY still setting new ATHs, im bullish on those into EOY as well, adds to AAPL bull setup. Im hoping for another 4 digit %er on this one like last week how we played it for 2154% we will see. Currently holding 11/26 160 C : 11/26 165 C : 12/17 170 C.
$AAPL A look here at the 4hr looks good. 11/19 saw a break over that 0.5 fib for the test of upper ascending channel that yellow trendline. Currently still testing that trendline for the breakout