$AUPH Well, if a zombie biotech like Novavax can survive for years with 1.5B in debt and a 200M yearly operating loss, I think Auphie, with a blockbuster, first and only orally administered drug that has great reviews and data, no debt increasing sales as well as revenue from Otsuka, a V.A. contract and talk of pharmacists nationally if not world wide, will do just fine....While I have only about 9000 shares, far less than many on this board by multiples, I am feeling a bit blindsided by some very bad things that happened, whether its delta derivatives trading, warrants, paper hands, or tutes heavy selling, I'm still here and there is a reason for diamond hands.....I was there when AMC was $7 and left for dead. I was there qjen a shipping magnate was going into junk status and made a 700% turnaround. And I'm here now.....