$BLNK Bears talking shit about valuation. Bears remind me of Trump. THEY LIVE IN THEIR OWN WORLD. Here are facts: Investors have bid Blink’s share price up 3,000% over the past eight months. Only seven stocks -- out of about 2,700 that are worth at least $1 billion -- have risen more over that time. The reason: Blink is a green-energy company, an owner and operator of charging stations that power up electric vehicles. And if investors are certain of one thing in the mania that is sweeping through financial markets, it is that green companies are can’t-miss, must-own investments of the future.
@garymay While you’re here, I’ll ask this - if I replaced the word “green companies” with “internet companies” in your rant, would it sound at all like 2000? Are you familiar with how that ended? 👇🏻👇🏻
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