@chuckwgn. The usps money has already been approved and allocated. Most likely will happen this month. The allocated monies are a done deal so it’ll go through. This huge endeavor means thousands of jobs and Trump was the one who talk gm to make the lordstown plant work. Wkhs is there and amazing things are happening. I’m pretty confident. For trump it’s jobs jobs jobs. He’ll make it happen. As far as fcel and BE and plug the movement has already begun. It won’t unrail. Major money managers are putting their money where their mouths are. This isn’t going back. Full steam ahead. Trump has done some good things for the economy but he’s a total tool and ass who needs to stay off Twitter. Basically this election one has to hold their nose and pull the lever.
@Rrickybobby WKHS may not get that contract, Pence isn't the president and he also has never publicly defended climate science or stated that global warming is a problem of human activity. If Chump gets reelected he plans to exit the Paris climate accord the day after he is inaugurated and will probably move to privatize the Post Office. He will not want to make a huge investment in what he believes is an agency that needs to be reformed and/or sold to private corporations for those $$ you speak of. So if Chump gets elected the green revolution will be postponed once again for the benefit of big oil, gas, and "Beautiful Clean Coal"..Like so many conservatives you think Chump is on every side of every issue, just because of jobs or $$..And FCEL is a long term play but is going to benefit short term if the problems of climate change and global warming are dealt with...I believe you may be one of the conservatives who could help, I just think you need to convince others in your party..
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