$BMIX CEO is selling shares because, if anyone takes the time to read the SEC filings, specifically the report dated December 30th, 2020, he changed his pay structure to STOCK ONLY COMPENSATION. So again, if anyone actually does R&A, you will see he is selling considerably less shares than what he is accruing. The Marc F. Is BETTING ON THE COMPANY TO SUCCEED BY TAKING COMMON STOCK COMPENSATION IN LEIU OF A SALARY. This avoids the company taking on debt to simply pay the ceo. This is EXTREMELY BULLISH. Also, Minas Gerais....look it up...hmm where are all the lithium permits located 🤔. And by the way, R&A stands for RESEARCH & ANALYSIS (Its what executing “due diligence” actually means) $BIEL $ICTY $AABB $RIOT