$JNUG When you've done your homework & the math, you don't have to hope; just pick your position and wait. Once the equity markets begin to fall again, all of the S&P lemmings will simultaneously realize that their government's recent promise to "save everybody" was all just a big lie and that no amount of infinite money-printing will ever bring back the old, dead economy. At that moment, the herd of sheep will run into the burning building called US treasuries and the US dollar. Once they see their cash burning in those houses, they will make a mad dash to the only fireproof house left standing; and that is sound money (gold and silver). Take a seat in that house if you like, but please don't stand in front of the door and tell everyone to go back to their burning houses; it's really only adds to the confusion and doesn't really help those faithful bulls who made it here on their own instinct and who are just looking for reassurance that their intuition is correct. It is.
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