@DigitalKosmos Cause it's a Bio-weapon and the Chinese knew exactly what to expect and had a plan in place to deal with it. Their system and population are better suited to get out of this in stronger shape. The virus began spreading just in time for Chinese New Year, the largest yearly migration of people on the planet. Coincidence? I don't think so. Trump cut funding to Pandemic response long before virus was released. China would have seen that vulnerability as well. West will never be the same. New World Pecking Order Coming Post CV as all countries emerge differently from the struggle. Below are infections per million people. China, Italy, USA from the top. China's lowest per person infection is no mistake. It's strategy. And whole we Westerners stumble on our Freedoms, finally, in some cases, realizing Nationwide Lockdown is needed, they are already reopening Hubei Province and 500 Cinemas. Better practice your now for your new masters.
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