You can’t. You probably on trumped dick
@SuperSushiEater All i know is that energy is gonna boom. Contrary to popular belief you dont have to choose a side in the energy equation. You can support both oil and Renewables all day long. The whole. one side or another and if not with me against me bullshit is just that...bullshit. and that is applicable to both the energy equation and to politics.
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@RussianTroll on trumps dick. Maybe your not, but no you can’t choose between carbon positive and neutral. If you weren’t bearish on oil the last year than you deserved to lose your money.
@SuperSushiEater you are a fool. oil prices are going to shot up now because we will move away from being self sufficient. oil isnt going anywhere the numbers dont lie. I am here to make money, not stroke myself.... this is how much I lost with playing both sides so far.. now you as well can fuck off and go grow up. can add another 749,000 to that number after todays gains. can lead a horse to water.. but you cant make them drink. so.. stay thirsty. all my investments are green related, except for dcp. that one i have a average cost of about 3.85 with divs in the 1.56 and going back to 3.12 a year in the next 4 quarters. old saying.. " de noche todos los gatos son pardos" at night all cats are black.
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