$BPAY.X weekly update! 1) 7 Big Exchanges listing 2) Wallet App Release early December 3) Staking will be available early November 4) Big influencers (Marketing) 5) Article on Cointelegraph 6) WooCommerce alpha 7) OpenCart + Shopify + 50merchant Incoming! The Woocomerce plugin out now is the Beta version, the Alpha version is critical because it will allow you to spend any BSC token at retailers using the plugin. Woocmerce, OpenCart, Shopify, and 50Merchant are all services that online retailers use. They have essentially all online retailers covered between these checkout services. As a web designer I can say this leaves nothing tricky on the retailer end. Given the option to add another way for people to pay you it is a no brainer to spend the 15 minutes or less it takes to add it to your existing set up.