$ATNF ATNF’s management team has one of best track records in the biotech world.... which can rival (or beat) that of any Large Cap Bio ( $ ABBV licensed their patents for Use in Humira, the current #1 best selling drug). The ATNF team is responsible for (among many other things) discovering, completing the first successful trial & approval (Remicade- the 4th all time best selling drug in the world- with over $90B total sales). The Anti-TNF drugs were 40% of top 10 US drugs Sales in 2020 (#1, #3, #10 on the list below). Now they have formed ATNF to gain approval for anti-TNF treatment of Fibrosis conditions with Unmet needs & to gain approval of the next top selling class of drug to replace the current anti-TNF Biologics, to treat arthritic & autoimmune diseases- with much fewer side effects and risk factors (a class projected to be $150B by 2025).