$ATNF Management Team rivals any large-cap biotechs: ...Includes 2 Nobel-level scientists: responsible for discoveries including the Highest Selling class of drugs in the world (Anti-TNF, ie remicade, Humira) A track-record that places them among the very best regarding getting drugs successfully through trials &FDA approval. This experience & expertise- in on full display when you look at ATNFs chosen pipeline candidates. They strategically chose early pipeline candidates (in their wheelhouse) that target unmet tailored conditions, with low risk profiles, large sales prospects, & a straight path to FDA approval. Every aspect of the early candidates have been designed/ chosen w/ trial success & FDA approval in mind. Further- phase 3 DU trial results are expected Q3/4...widely expected to be positive (and a $7B+ addressable market).. which will provide more than enough operating capital. Their pipeline is full of blockbuster candidates & their future is Big. (Click image below)