$PHIL Part 1 This is for anyone who doesn't fully understand the 10-K. (Posting this so you understand what is after the 3Qs and how it's not an issue) The SEC Deadlines for 10-K are 75 days from year end. Now Phil files a NT 10-k and you add 15 day extension which is total of 90 days from years end. Phil's fiscal year end is June 30th, all companies are allowed to pick their year end when registered. Like for my corp I just kept it simple end of the year. Anyways 90 day would be Sept 28th. 10k is basically an advanced detailed version of the Q. It's sometimes referred to as the Q4. It's like personal taxes, we are given a certain amount of time to get it done after years end. Same with any company, if the fiscal year ends June 30th, u cant just magically be done cause everything must be recorded to that day. Why it's 75 days after the fiscal year. Be like that from here on out. +15 days if u file the NT 10-k extension