Yes, I think bringing up impeachment still makes you look even smarter. You really are good at this, You have Pelosi right where you want her. YEs shes more successful than you & yes shes accomplished more but I love your dedication to getting your FOX show. I think the Libtard thing is jus so good, Im not sure its been used before but its funny & original. Youre like a stable genius x 3 1/2. Really, really good stuff. Hey what about Obama & Hawaii?
@GoodNewsBull You must be a lonely Libtard to miss you want more facts...Adam Shitt, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee should have been ALL over the CCP virus outbreak in Wuhan and have informed the president. Instead, this useless bozo was executing a premeditated impeachment fraud in secret chambers of the House while the Fake News Libtard networks like CNN and MSDNC obsessed reporting over it. Instead of doing real reporting, these fake news bozos were legitimating a fraudulent Dumbocrat impeachment. Dumbocrats like Adam Shitt are useless POS
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@GoodNewsBull Thanks man, I appreciate you rejecting these Dumbocrats and Libtarded policies. Maybe now we’ll be able to vote sane, responsible politicians who don’t release criminals into society because of a CCP virus fake pretext. Glad to see we won’t have trans men competing in women’s sports anymore and on and on Happy to see you #walkedaway like that dude Brandon Straka and swallowed the red pill like Elon. Makes me hopeful for this country 👍🏼