$AYTU Review this info and you will realize how childish the people in this room are who constantly spew BS about this stock. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... Healight project is coming along smoothly and according to schedule. Over 4 years of cutting edge scientific research from the esteemed team at the Cedars MAST program . Prototype was developed in a mere 4 months from Sterling Medical devices. SM has involvement in over 1100 projects none of which failed to receive FDA regulatory approval upon submission. Peer reviewed data convinced the FDA to allow a 5 person safety already completed. What should have taken years has already been completed because seasoned bio tech executives utilizing COVID 19 protocols moved this project along at an extremely rapid pace. Congratulations to all who had the vision to load up on shares at $5.86 four days after the 1/10 stock split. I am grateful for the split because now the float is extremely low. Patience could be rewarded beyond our wildest dreams