$SRNE Opinion: Hindenburg Research may have done us a favor with Covid TRACE/TRACK. Firing the CFO was Good. Just Perceived as Bad. Reasons - Products were not Rushed to MKT without a thorough review. We have seen the failures of Rushing to Mkt. - The product Sorrento will put on the Street has been thoroughly developed and Tested... - Delays Possibly Led to the Discovery of Salicyn-30. - Sorrento received more visibility. (Sometimes Bad News is Good) - Provided time for More Acquisitions and Licensing Agreements - The CFO change was Great because it was a huge UPGRADE with Experience. No different than the NFL acquiring a Veteran and putting the other on Waivers. The move had to be made. - More time for the Company to further develop its Arsenal of Covid treatments. STI 2020 --- Oral Solution... - Further Development of Cancer Treatments, Non-Opiod (RTX), Arthritis treatments, Sofusa anti-TNF Plus acquiring the Companys to provide the delivery systems. - Mayo Clinic huge.
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