@SICKofWinning ; I like your willingness to make the efforts but I honestly believe his responses denote an air of aloof superiority and an unwillingness to admit error. Such reporting is irresponsible and only serves to alienate him from any reputable colleagues and/or associates. I do not think that Workhorse would give any credibility to this person's reporting by answering or acknowledging it in any way. The company states their activities plainly and honestly. They have released vast amounts of information into the public domain for years and would most likely see no need to repeat it or defend itself against such inaccurate statements. Besides, they're a little busy right now. πŸ™‚ Just my opinion.
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@Linus_Larrabee @SICKofWinning ohhhh I agree whole hearted When I say a response I mean more along the lines like a dedicated individual someone perhaps much like myself not to pick apart the article its self Or to denote the authors I agree even a response is more than he deserves ( the lion does not turn it's head when the small dog barks ) . However a photo of someone building something wouldn't hurt close up of a guy with a Wrench giving a thumbs up these small things keep retail from fleeing . You have to remember an article like this only exists to effect the Ill informed . An educated investor doesn't even give this article any clout. Just a steady stream of positives no matter how small goes a long way . Also the thought that the ability to get these crooks to write on the straight and narrow is a harrowing task . I'm a nyer I pickup on everything . His smugness did not go unnoticed . My deameanor was simply to keep him talking and basically admit he's a fraud and plagiarist .
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