$TSLA hey all i was really reviewing a lot of things and come to realize after a banner year that i am totally lost what tesla is doing. I havent felt like this since college. So im going to pause day trading tesla for a bit. Ill still follow it and will be willing to give any advice i can, but when you get to this stage of your life being financially set and just trying to add for your child, risk appetite is just not there to jeopardize such a great year. I believe ill end up net higher over this month by sitting out and letting this SP inclusion play out first and political bs. Truth is Cali could shut down any day. I also still have a hard time believing funds will be fine having to add tesla at 600-700 a share. So best of luck to all. If they raid it ill go long especially closer to inclusion. Or ill be a late player once i feel this market even remotely close to current state of economy. Coming from someone everyone, who been following knows is way up?
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