$TSOI Why do bashers bash....They want your shares..or why would they be here...If they were invested why would they bash and scare away a possible investor to invest and raise the sp ..they would be telling you the good for possible investors to understand how good this company is....THE WHOLE FUCKING MARKET IT DOWN NOT JUST TSOI..They are paid bashers to scare weak hands for there cheap shares because they know this is a stock that will make alot of people money if they just held...This is a Bio play it will take time and there is more then 1 way to play this sector..Look at enzc as mention before..They partnered up at look how much their down..I wish everyone the best success in the world...Believe in TSOI it will payoff........Happy Holidays.
@BigO442 you are high. I believed the MM attack before. This is str8 up an angry mob. We are not bashing we are pissed off! The CEO, COO, CFO talking a big game in August and so did his minions telling everyone how great of a buy this was. Welp here we are down to 90 day lows. Look at that 3m chart… embarrassing. I’m not selling and I sure as hell ain’t adding until I see some reason to believe