$SPY Let me tell you a story that begins in the year 2021. Every bull will keep buying the highs because stonks only go up.. til there comes a day in the year 2021 where the market drops and the bulls say, surely, fed will just prop it up no worries but then it doesn't go up.. next day they say the same thing.. no way we will get 2 red days in a row as the FED is on OUR side.. but then it doesn't go up.. then the third day sell-off becomes a massacre SPY down -10% & they say, FED will pump it all the way back up within a couple days no problem.. then it doesn't go up.. Then when SPY is down -50% and stonks -65%+ they will say the game is rigged & that trading is not a career for them & they exit. Then stonks go up slowly over a period of years as opposed to days/weeks.. & impatient traders and "I quit my job to trade because 2 eaz" traders start to exit. That day will reset the stock cycle wiping out all the robinhood amateurs and dumb FOMO non fundamentalists