$IBIO Fujifilm is the head coach and general manager. Texas A&M is the stadium. Fujifilm is running tryouts. Novovax has made the team. There are 2 positions still left on the team. Texas A&M is working to make space for 1 additional position. Positions available. 1. novovax 2. 3. (this fall)bryan texas 4. Where does IBIO fit into all of this? This collegestation will pretty much become the heart of production for the United States. call it the Texas A&M System Center for Innovation in Advanced Development & Manufacturing(CIADM). Fujifilm will make the logisticaland ultimate decisions as the Contract manufacturing organization (CMO) in charge. Fujifilm can choose to use IBIOas the onsite reagent maker, completing the perfect package for the CIADM. Or they can choose to go in a different direction. I was taking a look at their facilities and it seems thatthey refine whatIBIO makes. It would be outlandish if they didnt go with IBIO, unless its cheaper to import what IBIO creates.
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