$NPA Only a few space companies worth owning, NPA is tops, then $SRAC then $MAXR the rest are probably a pass IMO. Some like $SPCE too and I get that, probably will go up lots too, probably great trade, but way too risky for me as an investment and even as trade NPA and SRAC will likely go up as much if not more eventually anyway. Does not mean some others will not go up too in sympathy, but most are not pure space companies & any buying effect from space hype will be diluted because most are like BA or LMT. The other pure play space companies are too much legacy space companies that are overly indebted & rely on older tech & are in the crosshairs of every nimble cutting edge space start up that has as good of tech & can undercut them on price. Legacy relies on government, & now bids are open, many better tech & cheaper, that is how SpaceX took over. IRDM will have value as well, but they are probably close to capped for rev/e with Starlink/SpaceMobile/Swarm/others coming to market
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